Posted by: Smash Daddy | April 22, 2014

User Rankings FAQ

What are the User Rankings?

The User Rankings are a scoreboard dedicated to posts inside the Make Your Move threads. The points are based on the posts made by each indivudual user, and then added up to a total score for that period and in an ‘overall’ score for that particular thread/contest. The types of posts awarded range from a single point for any post, to thirty points for a moveset.

Where can I find the User Rankings?

[Here] is the post that contains the User Rankings total for Make Your Move 16, which I will keep up-to-date with links to each update.

What is the point score for posts and why?

Every User Ranking post has a summary of the scores. The exact weighing of the scores is my personal interpretation of how each type of activity is valued and is subject to change.

I don’t care about any of this stuff, I just want the raw data!

I will be regularly updating a pastebin for each update in MYM16 and editing the total scoreboards [here].

I posted in the thread but I’m not on the User Rankings?

To save a lot of time adding random one-time thread visitors, I don’t add anyone to the User Rankings until they’ve posted one moveset in Make Your Move. That’s all that’s needed – even if you return ten contests later, if you posted a set, I’m going to count you.

What is the schedule for the User Rankings?

In the past, I usually posted a User Rankings update either once per week or two weeks, depending on thread activity and my own spare time. Since Make Your Move 15, primarily because of a new 40ppp (posts per page) and the fact multiple rankings per page are unnecessary, it has been reduced to about once a month (the first update is extraordinarily late).

What is the cut-off point for the updates?

In the past, there would be a set timeframe for activity in a week, but lately I simply track it from one update to the next. This should avoid any confusion and is, in my opinion, far more straightforward.

What’re the banners about?

The banners are a fun little aside to the data that I feel helps to personalize the User Rankings for all of the indivdual participants. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but I would like to think it adds some flair to the cold, hard statistics.

How do you decide what goes on the banner?

This section was much longer before, but all that needs to be said is that it’s based on placing in the top fifty (which can be read about in the OP) and I will only change a banner if specifically asked. I will only change it if you have at least three sets in the current contest. You get a special banner if you place first on the top fifty and due to space, sometimes long usernames get shortened to nicknames or abbreviations.

Is there any prize for “winning” the User Rankings?

As with last contest, I’m giving away a prize to the winner of the User Rankings. I’ll announce when they end fully near the end of Make Your Move 16. The prize is a $15 or less game on Steam, 3DS or Wii U. If someone manages to get over 1000 points, I’ll bump the prize to $30. 1000 points is the equivalence of 100 comments (roughly all the sets in a single contest) and 17 sets. I’ll consider giving out more of my pit of game money if multiple people manage this incredible target. Don’t say I didn’t motivate you to be active.

FrozenRoy was gifted Shovel Knight on Steam as his prize for winning Make Your Move 15.

There’s an inaccuracy!

Just tell me in chat or thread and I’ll try to fix the problem. It happens.

Why do the User Rankings?

The User Rankings were started by myself in Make Your Move 9, as a way of tracking and encouraging activity in Make Your Move. By according a score to activity, such as movesets, comments or MYminis, I felt the User Rankings could help to give a sense of accomplishment to the most active users. It’s also just a matter of interest to me and others, seeing who are the most active members of the community at the current time.

Thanks for reading all or any of this FAQ. I’m not going to open comments on this article, but I’ll add any good questions/answers if I hear them, so feel free to ask in chat or thread.