Make Your Move


The Stadium has been a part of Make Your Move since its third incarnation, created by long-gone Chief Mendez. These days the Stadium mostly acts as the home of this handy page, listing all posted movesets in the contest and is kept rapidly-updated by a dedicated team of leaders. There are announcements that you’ll only see here too, it’s basically the official website of Make Your Move.

New to Make Your Move? I recommend going to the Q&A tab. When you’re feeling ready, go on into the thread and post your first moveset or read ones finished by others. You may even get hooked and when you do, head on to our chat to talk with our community of moveset authors.

The leaders are an odd bunch, a group that willingly gives large amounts of its free time to help actually run the inner workings of Make Your Move, from its top fifty to the new threads that are posted every few months time.

Munomario is the OP of Make Your Move 20, he’s been around for a while in Make Your Move and just won top 10 in the previous contest. MasterWarlord perhaps the most famous community member, a fixture of the threads since the third installment and always a huge presence, posting a healthy septet of movesets every contest he’s been in, if not far more. ForwardArrow is a good leader by a long ways, coming about only in Make Your Move 10 and has made a storm of sets in MYM already. Smash Daddy lurked the threads in the very old days and didn’t come around to post in the thread until years later, but has become one of the strongest personalities, as well as one of the most consistent readers/commenters. FrozenRoy is set to break his own records for opening day sets and go on a rampage of set making in Make Your Move 21, so keep an eye out for his sets in the thread.

Please enjoy your stay with us and if you’ve got any queries, you only need contact myself or any other leader on Smash Boards.

Credit to ChaosKiwi for the character art and JOE! for the logo and both for the background of the banner.

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