MYM19 Movesets

The one-stop shop for movesets from Make Your Move 19 – every set posted in the thread is cataloged here, alongside its author(s), given a number determined by post order, and linked, the corresponding post for the moveset reached by simply clicking the name of the set in question. It’s a two-man band these days, though the odd spot may be covered by other leaders in my absence. If your set isn’t added yet, send a message to Smash Daddy or Katapultar on Smash World Forums, or pop into our chat, where you’re likely to find me or someone who will quickly be in contact. The minimum amount of inputs is 18 – the amount in a set with all inputs is 23, if you count the Pummel, Grab, and each throw separately. Mirrored inputs only count as one. The final smash is not usually counted. You don’t have to use up all those inputs, but if you don’t, you need to give some kind of reason other than being uncompleted in order to be counted. A picture of the character is also required. You won’t miss out on the moveset list on this account unless the set is practically devoid of moves, so consider this more of a guideline than a rule. Now, lets start the tally.

{[(The Moveset List)]}

  1. Yuugai Musume – Nitric Acid by FrozenRoy
  2. Isaac by Munomario777
  3. Agatio by Munomario777
  4. Tracer by Munomario777
  5. Pain-yatta by Bionichute
  6. Silent But Deadly by Bionichute
  7. Jestro by Bionichute
  8. Sombra by Munomario777
  9. Jr. Troopa by MasterWarlord
  10. Hotel Mario Roy by Smash Daddy
  11. Captain America by JOE!
  12. Cyclops by JOE!
  13. Turtonator by Reigaheres
  14. Commander Keen by Chris Sifniotis
  15. Genis by Bionichute
  16. Butterfree by UserShadow7989
  17. Iron Man by JOE!
  18. Ray by IvanQuote
  19. Wario by brostulip
  20. Kizaru by Bionichute
  21. Petey Piranha by BKupa666
  22. The Beast by JOE!
  23. Blitzwing by Bionichute
  24. Mimikyu by Ghirahilda
  25. Iguana by ForwardArrow
  26. Thor by JOE!
  27. Shovel Knight by Professor Lexicovermis
  28. Plague Knight by Professor Lexicovermis
  29. Ira Gamagori by Dr. Slavic
  30. Alien Homonid by Rootspread
  31. Liz Eird by Katapultar
  32. Samus Aran (Improved) by der Rabe
  33. Storm by JOE!
  34. Daisy by WeirdChillFever
  35. Magellan by Smash Daddy
  36. Armydillo by Hyper Ridley
  37. Magearna by JamietheAuraUser 
  38. Hulk by JOE!
  39. Celica by Altais
  40. Izuna by Katapultar
  41. Nick Wilde by Bionichute
  42. Min Min by Munomario777
  43. Father Canine by Professor Lexicovermis
  44. President George Washington by Rychu
  45. Inkling by Munomario777
  46. N. Brio by MasterWarlord
  47. Miss Kobayashi by Katapultar
  48. Shockwave by Bionichute
  49. Sailor Moon by Chris Sifniotis
  50. Sucy Manbavaran by Dr. Slavic
  51. Necrid by MasterWarlord
  52. Andy by Conren
  53. Ohana Matsumae by Katapultar
  54. Marion Quinn by Katapultar
  55. Pinstripe by Smash Daddy
  56. Goldman and The Emperor by Smash Daddy
  57. Zenyatta by Munomario777
  58. Wolverine by JOE!
  59. Knight by ForwardArrow
  60. The Six Samurai – Nisashi by FrozenRoy