Posted by: masterwarlord | January 30, 2012

MYM 11 Votelists and Raw Top 50/Vote Data




1. Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
2. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
3. Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
4. Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
5. Kloak by Bkupa666
6. Grunty by Junahu


7. Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord
8. Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
9. Bowser by Bkupa666
10. Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
11. Mummy Men by Junahu
12. Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow
13. Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord
14. Gaston by BKupa666
15. Dark Star by n88_2004
16. CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024
17. Kimiko by flyinfilipino
18. The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
19. Kobold Clan by Zook
20. Tul-Bak-Ra by n88_2004
21. Box Man by Akiak


22. Bass.EXE by phatcat203
23. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
24. Beezwax by MasterWarlord
25. Pokemon Trainer Mark by flyinfilipino
26. Sweeney Todd by half_silver28
27. Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
28. Yuffie by half_silver28
29. Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha
30. Mouse Man by KingK.Rool
31. Mr. Dooter by SirKibble
32. Darth Vader by n88_2004
33. Po by ProfPeanut
34. Le Quack by MasterWarlord
35. Metal General by majora_787
36. Phantom by Kholdstare


Super Votes: 6
Urabrask by ForwardArrow
Jin Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
Death by SmashDaddy
Cloudman.EXE by Nicholas1024
Mummy Men by Junahu
Chaos 0 by LegendofLink

Regular Votes: 15
Bowser by BKupa666
Cyrus by SmashDaddy
Giant Bat by Junahu
Medusa by Junahu
Grunty by Junahu
Appetizer by Getocoolaid
Dr. Facilier by Smashbot226
Sayaka by SirKibble
Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
Darth Vader by n88_2004
Dark Star by n88_2004
Marvin by Davidreamcatcha
Yukon by Davidreamcatcha
Phantom by Kholdstare
Venustoise by Blackfox

Weak Votes: 15
The Penguin by BladeKnight420
Batman by BladeKnight420
King K. Rool by BKupa666
Kloak by BKupa666
Gaston by BKupa666
Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha
Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha
The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha
King Ramses by Kholdstare
Yuffie by Half_Silver28
Sweeney Todd by Half_Silver28
Fright Knight by Darth Meanie
Elspeth by Legendoflink
Flat Top by KingK.Rool
Kobold Clan by Zook


Super Votes

Octavia – ProfPeanut
Sayaka Miki – SirKibble
Jin-Gritaxias – ForwardArrow
Darth Vader – n88_2004
Dark Star – n88_2004
Knight Man – Kholdstare

Regular Votes

Le’Quack – MasterWarlord
Venustoise – BlackFox
Gangreen Gang – MasterWarlord
Phantom – Kholdstare
Phantom – Nicholas1024
Bass.EXE – Phatcat
The Penguin – BladeKnight420
Box Man – Akiak
Fright Knight – darth meanie
Copycat – Junahu
Mummy Men – Junahu
Death – Smash Daddy
Urabrask – ForwardArrow
Po – ProfPeanut
Yuffie – half_silver28

Weak Votes

Pokemon Trainer Mark – flyinfilipino
Rapunzel – kitsuneko345
Marvin the Martian – Daviddreamcatcha
Kobold Clan – Zook
King Ramses – Kholdstare
Batman – BladeKnight420
Kimiko – flyinfilipino
Shelmet – Clownbot
Boom Boom – n88_2004
Fire Snake – Zook
Iggy Koopa – MasterWarlord
Skarner – Hyper_Ridley
Sonic The Remix – JOE!
Gaston – Bkupa666
Cyrus – Smash Daddy


1. Vol Opt by ForwardArrow
2. Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha
3. Beezwax by MasterWarlord
4. Death by SmashDaddy
5. Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow
6. CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024

1. Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
2. Dark Star by n88_2004
3. King Ramses by Kholdstare
4. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
5. Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
6. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
7. Giant Bat by Junahu
8. Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
9. Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
10. Darth Vader by n88_2004
11. Cyrus by SmashDaddy
12. Flat Top by KingK.Rool
13. Sayaka Miki by SirKibble
14. Grand Doomer by SmashDaddy
15. Mummy Men by Junahu

1. Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
2. Venustoise by BlackFox
3. Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord
4. Kobold Clan by Zook
5. Batman by BladeKnight420
6. Fright Knight by darth_meanie
7. Sweeney Todd by half_silver28
8. The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha
9. The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
10. Phantom by Nicholas1024
11. Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
12. Magolor by SirKibble
13. Landia by Kholdstare
14. The Penguin by BladeKnight420
15. Pichu by LegendofLink


Super Vote Beezwax by MasterWarlord
Super Vote Death by SmashDaddy
Super Vote Lucio Fulci by King K. Rool
Super Vote Cyrus by SmashDaddy
Super Vote Giant Bat by Junahu
Super Vote Bowser by BKupa666
Regular Vote Mummy Men by Junahu
Regular Vote Chaos 0 by Legend of Link
Regular Vote Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha
Regular Vote Sayaka by SirKibble
Regular Vote Dark Star by n88_2004
Regular Vote Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord
Regular Vote Skarner by Hyper_Ridley
Regular Vote J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
Regular Vote Dr. Facilier by Smashbot
Regular Vote Phantom by Kholdstare
Regular Vote Harpuia by Nicholas1024
Regular Vote Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
Regular Vote Octavia by ProfPeanut
Regular Vote Box Man by Akiak
Regular Vote Darth Vader by n88_2004
Weak Vote Tul-Bak-Ra by n88_2004
Weak Vote Grunty by Junahu
Weak Vote Marvin by Davidreamcatcha
Weak Vote Granfaloon by Junahu
Weak Vote Fire Snake by Zook
Weak Vote Cloudman.EXE by Nicholas1024
Weak Vote King Ramses by Kholdstare
Weak Vote Grand Doomer by SmashDaddy
Weak Vote Invidia by Sir Kibble
Weak Vote Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
Weak Vote LeQuack by MasterWarlord
Weak Vote Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord
Weak Vote The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
Weak Vote Yuffie by halfsilver
Weak Vote Kloak by BKupa666


Super Votes
1)Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
2)Mr. Dooter by SirKibble
3)Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
4)Linebeck by Junahu
5)Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
6)Grand Doomer by SmashDaddy

Regular Votes
1)King Ramses by Kholdstare
2)Phantom by Kholdstare
3)J Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
4)Gaston by BKupa666
5)Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
6)Sayaka Miki by SirKibble
7)Death by SmashDaddy
8)Medusa by Junahu
9)Elspeth by LegendofLink
10)Minnie the Minx by Junahu
11)Flat Top by KingK.Rool
12)Mummy Men by Junahu
13)Fright Knight by darth meanie
14)Box Man by Akiak
15)Kyubey by ForwardArrow

Weak Votes
1)Bass.EXE by phatcat203
2)The Penguin by BladeKnight420
3)Kloak by BKupa666
4)Aisling by ProfPeanut
5)Fire Snake by Zook
6)Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
7)Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha
8)Cyrus by SmashDaddy
9)Kobold Clan by Zook
10)Yuffie by half_silver28
11)Farfetch’d by LegendofLink
12)The Appetizer by getocoolaid
13)Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow
14)Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley
15)Dr. Facilier by smashbot226


Urabrask by ForwardArrow (SV)
Bowser by BKupa666 (SV)
Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow (SV)
Death by Smash Daddy (SV)
Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord (SV)
Octavia by ProfPeanut (SV)

Dark Star by n88_2004
CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024
Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
Kimiko by flyinfilipino
Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy
Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
Cyrus by Smash Daddy
Phantom by Kholdstare
Box Man by Akiak
Elspeth by LegendofLink
Aisling by ProfPeanut
Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha

Ayano Minegishi by Katapultar (WV)
Beezwax by MasterWarlord (WV)
Raspberyl by crash826 (WV)
Kyubey by ForwardArrow (WV)
The Penguin by BladeKnight420 (WV)
Fire Snake by Zook (WV)
Giant Bat by Junahu (WV)
Princess Kraehe by Davidreamcatcha (WV)
Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow (WV)
Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord (WV)
Metal General by majora_787 (WV)
Shelmet by Clownbot (WV)
Yuffie by half_silver28 (WV)
Pichu by LegendofLink (WV)
Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha (WV)
Fright Knight by darth meanie (WV)



Silver the Hedgehog by Marthtrinity
Piggy Pie by TheSundanceKid


Darth Vader by N88_2004
King Ramses by Kholdstare
Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool


Boom Boom by N88_2004
Beezwax by MasterWarlord
Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
Bowser by BKupa666
Gaston by BKupa666
Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
Kobold Clan by Zook
Fire Snake by Zook
Sonic The Remix by JOE!
Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy
Shelmet by Clownbot
The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow


Lord Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel
Kenji and Hisao by darth meanie
Fright Knight by darth meanie
Buizel by darth meanie
Party Pete by Clownbot
Le’Quack by MasterWarlord
Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
Giant Bat by Junahu
Dragonite by Junahu
Venustoise by BlackFox


Reznor by Marthtrinity

Battleheart by smashbot226



Urabrask by ForwardArrow
Beezwax by MasterWarlord
Cyrus by SmashDaddy
Giant Bat by Junahu
Vorinclex by ForwardArrow


Vol Opt by ForwardArrow
Jin Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
Death by SmashDaddy
Medusa by Junahu
Mummy Men by Junahu
Rapunzel by kitsuneko
Sayaka by Kibble
House by Dave
Bowser by Kupa
Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
Darth Vader by n88
Dooter by Kibble
Raspberyl by crash
Aisling by ProfPeanut
Octavia by ProfPeanut


Phantom by Kholdstare
Fefnir by Nicholas
Grand Doomer by SmashDaddy
Sweeney Todd by half_silver
Norn by ForwardArrow
Po by ProfPeanut
Marvin the Martian by Dave
Le’Quack by MasterWarlord
Malcolm by koric
Flat Top by Junahu
Gaston by Kupa
Chaos 0 by LegendoflLink
Kanden by n88
Kobold Klan by Zook
Kyubey by ForwardArrow


Super Votes:

1. Bowser by BKupa666
2. Le’Quack by MasterWarlord
3. Sweeney Todd by half_silver28
4. Sayaka Miki by SirKibble
5. Flat Top by KingK.Rool
6. Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool

Regular Votes:

1. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
2. Death by SmashDaddy
3. Mummy Men by Junahu
4. Batman by BladeKnight240
5. The Penguin by BladeKnight240
6. Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
7. Aisling by ProfPeanut
8. Octavia by ProfPeanut
9. Linebeck by Junahu
10. Gaston by BKupa666
11. Kyubey by ForwardArrow
12. King Ramses by Kholdstare
13. Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
14. Mouse Man by KingK.Rool
15. Mask de Masque by Junahu

Weak Votes:

1. Gruntilda by Junahu
2. Maxwell by n88_2004
3. Fruit Brute by Clownbot
4. Cutie Mark Crusaders by SirKibble
5. Mr. Dooter by SirKibble
6. Darth Vader by n88_2004
7. Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
8. Mello by majora_787
9. Garrick by majora_787
10. Dedede Remix by MasterWarlord
11. Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
12. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
13. Wolf Man by KingK.Rool
14. King K. Rool by BKupa666
15. Party Pete by Clownbot


Super Votes:
Phantom by Kholdstare
Grovyle by phatcat203
Giant Bat by Junahu
Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
Death by Smash Daddy
Sayaka Miki by SirKibble

Normal Votes:
Beezwax by MasterWarlord
J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
Kyubey by ForwardArrow
Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
Fefnir by Nicholas1024
Cloudman.EXE by Nicholas1024
Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
Kobold Clan by Zook
Batman by BladeKnight420
Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
Gaston by Bkupa666
Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
Box Man by Akiak
Flat Top by KingK.Rool

Weak Votes:
Mummy Men by Junahu
Medusa by Junahu
Linebeck by Junahu
Urabrask by ForwardArrow
Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow
Dark Star by n88_2004
Darth Vader by n88_2004
Knight Man by Kholdstare
Teru Mikami by Kholdstare
Aisling by ProfPeanut
Skarner by Hyper_Ridley
Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
Venustoise by Blackfox
Fright Knight by darth_meanie


Super Votes:
Mummy Men
Chaos 0
Giant Bat

Regular Votes:
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Flat Top
Lucio Fulci
Jack Skellington
Whispy Woods
Grand Doomer
The Creature
Dr Facilier
Marvin the Martian

Weak Votes:
Sonic the Remix
Gangreen Gang
Fire Snake
Box Man
Darth Vader
Burgermiester Miesterburger
Vol Opt


SVs – 6
– Death by Smash Daddy
– Fire Snake by Zook
– Harpuia by Nicholas1024
– Whispy Woods by SirKibble
– Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
– Bowser by BKupa

RVs – 15
– Fefnir by Nicholas1024
– Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow
– Margaret Moonlight by Getocoolaid
– Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley
– Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
– Batman by BladeKnight420
– Vol Opt by ForwardArrow
– Knight Man by Kholdstare
– Fefnir by Nicholas1024
– Iggy by Master Warlord
– Mark by flyinfilipino
– Magolor by SirKibble
– Beezwax by MasterWarlord
– Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
– Swalot by Smash Daddy

WVs – 15
– Box Man by Akiak
– Teru Mikami by Kholdstare
– Kanden by n88_2004
– QWOP by Kholdstare
– Boom Boom by n88_2004
– King Ramses by Kholdstare
– Kimiko by flyinfilipino
– Shelmet by Clownbot
– Lord Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel
– Darth Vader by n88_2004
– Landia by Kholdstare
– CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024
– Kyubey by ForwardArrow
– Cubone by LegendofLink
– Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord

The Raw Top 50

1) Death by Smash Daddy: 7 SV 4 RV 28pts
2) Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow: 5 SV 2 RV 3 WV 22.25pts
3) Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow: 4 SV 5 RV 1 WV 22pts
4) Chaos 0 by LegendofLink: 2 SV 8 RV 1 WV 21.25pts
5) Bowser by BKupa666: 4 SV 4 RV 1 WV 20.25pts
6) Beezwax by MasterWarlord: 4 SV 3 RV 2 WV 19.75pts
7) Mummy Men by Junahu: 2 SV 7 RV 1 WV 19.5pts
8) Darth Vader by n88_2004: 2 SV 4 RV 5 WV 19.25pts
9) Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha: 2 SV 5 RV 3 WV 18.5pts
10) Giant Bat by Junahu: 4 SV 2 RV 2 WV 18pts
11) Sayaka Miki by SirKibble: 3 SV 5 RV 17.75pts
12) Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool: 4 SV 2 RV 1 WV 16.75pts
13) Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord: 2 SV 3 RV 4 WV 16.25pts
14) Cyrus by Smash Daddy: 2 SV 4 RV 2 WV 15.5pts
15) Dr. Facilier by smashbot226: 6 RV 4 WV 15.5pts
16) Phantom by Kholdstare: 1 SV 5 RV 2 WV 14.25pts
17) Vorinclex by ForwardArrow: 3 SV 3 RV 14.25pts
18) CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024: 2 SV 3 RV 2 WV 13.75pts
19) King Ramses by Kholdstare: 1 SV 3 RV 4 WV 13.25pts
20) Dark Star by n88_2004: 1 SV 5 RV 1 WV 13pts
21) J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord: 1 SV 5 RV 1 WV 13pts
22) Box Man by Akiak: 6 RV 2 WV 13pts
23) Gaston by BKupa666: 5 RV 3 WV 12.5pts
24) Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy: 1 SV 4 RV 2 WV 12.5pts
25) Flat Top by KingK.Rool: 1 SV 4 RV 2 WV 12.5pts
26) Rapunzel by kitsuneko345: 4 RV 4 WV 12pts
27) Kobold Clan by Zook: 3 RV 5 WV 11.5pts
28) Octavia by ProfPeanut:2 SV 3 RV 11.25pts
29) Le’Quack by MasterWarlord: 1 SV 1 RV 5 WV 11pts
30) Fire Snake by Zook: 1 SV 1 RV 5 WV 11pts
31) Batman by BladeKnight420: 4 RV 3 WV 10.75pts
32) The Penguin by BladeKnight420: 3 RV 4 WV 10.25pts
33) Fright Knight by darth meanie: 2 RV 5 WV 9.75pts
34) Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord: 3 RV 3 WV 9pts
35) The Appetizer by Getocoolaid: 3 RV 3 WV 9pts
36) Kyubey by ForwardArrow: 3 RV 3 WV 9pts
37) Venustoise by BlackFox: 2 RV 4 WV 8.5pts
38) Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow: 4 RV 1 WV 8.25pts
39) Yuffie by half_silver28: 1 RV 5 WV 8pts
40) Sweeney Todd by half_silver28: 1 SV 4 WV 8pts
41) Aisling by ProfPeanut: 3 RV 2 WV 7.75pts
42) Vol Opt by ForwardArrow: 1 SV 2 RV 1 WV 7.75pts
43) Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha: 1 SV 1 RV 2 WV 7.25pts
44) Grunty by Junahu: 1 SV 1 RV 2 WV 7.25pts
45) Po by ProfPeanut: 1 SV 1 RV 2 WV 7.25pts
46) Mr. Dooter by SirKibble: 1 SV 1 RV 2 WV 7.25pts
47) Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut: 4 RV 7pts
48) Kloak by BKupa666: 1 SV 3 WV 6.75pts
49) Medusa by Junahu: 3 RV 1 WV 6.5pts
50) Knight Man by Kholdstare: 1 SV 1 RV 1 WV 6pts

(51) Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha: 2 RV 2 WV 6pts
(52) Kimiko by flyinfilipino: 2 RV 2 WV 6pts
(53) Linebeck by Junahu: 1 SV 1 RV 1 WV 6pts
Shelmet by Clownbot: 1 RV 3 WV 5.5pts
Harpuia by Nicholas1024: 1 SV 1 RV 4.75
Whispy Woods by SirKibble: 1 SV 1 RV 4.75
Fefnir by Nicholas1024: 2 RV 1 WV 4.75pts
Elspeth by LegendofLink: 2 RV 1 WV 4.75pts
Skarner by Hyper_Ridley: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts
Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts
Bass.EXE by phatcat203: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts
Pokemon Trainer Mark by flyinfilipino: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts
Boom Boom by n88_2004: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts
Sonic The Remix by JOE!: 1 RV 2 WV 4.25pts

Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow: 3 WV 3.75pts
Swalot by Smash Daddy: 2 RV 3.5pts
Grovyle by phatcat203: 1 SV 3pts
Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Cutie Mark Crusaders by SirKibble: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Phantom by Nicholas1024: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Magolor by SirKibble: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Tul-Bak-Ra by n88_2004: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Mouse Man by KingK.Rool: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
Raspberyl by crash826: 1 RV 1 WV 3pts
King K. Rool by BKupa666: 2 WV 2.5pts
Kanden by n88_2004: 2 WV 2.5pts
Garrick by majora_787: 2 WV 2.5pts
Teru Mikami by Kholdstare: 2 WV 2.5pts
The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha: 2 WV 2.5pts
Landia by Kholdstare: 2 WV 2.5pts
Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha: 2 WV 2.5pts
Metal General by majora_787: 2 WV 2.5pts
Pichu by LegendofLink: 2 WV 2.5pts
Lord Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel: 2 WV 2.5pts
Party Pete by Clownbot: 2 WV 2.5pts

Mask DeMasque by Junahu: 1 RV 1.75pts
Copycat by Junahu: 1 RV 1.75pts
The Creature by Junahu: 1 RV 1.75pts
Margaret Moonlight by Getocoolaid: 1 RV 1.75pts
Minnie the Minx by Junahu: 1 RV 1.75pts
QWOP by Kholdstare: 1 WV 1.25pts
Farfetch’d by LegendofLink: 1 WV 1.25pts
Malcolm by Koric: 1 WV 1.25pts
Wolf Man by KingK.Rool: 1 WV 1.25pts
Fruit Brute by Clownbot: 1 WV 1.25pts
Mello by majora_787: 1 WV 1.25pts
Medicham by phatcat203: 1 WV 1.25pts
Dedede Remix by MasterWarlord: 1 WV 1.25pts
Invidia by SirKibble: 1 WV 1.25pts
Cubone by LegendofLink: 1 WV 1.25pts
Burgermeister Meisterburger by BKupa666: 1 WV 1.25pts
Ayano Minegishi by Katapultar: 1 WV 1.25pts
Princess Kraehe by Davidreamcatcha: 1 WV 1.25pts
Kenji and Hisao by darth meanie: 1 WV 1.25pts
Buizel by darth meanie: 1 WV 1.25pts
Dragonite by Junahu: 1 WV 1.25pts



  1. I’m never going to forgive Penguin placing that high.

  2. Honestly Flat Top is the worst placing on the list, not Penguin. And really, even Flat Top’s placing isn’t so bad.

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