Posted by: Smash Daddy | January 11, 2012

MYM11 Submission Period Ends, Advertising Begins

That was quick...

In case you hadn’t noticed…

Make Your Move 11 is now over! Not quite the explosive ending as it sometimes was – but who cares! 146 sets in three months is just amazing, and far better than Make Your Move 10. Great job, everyone.

Voting this time will be a little different, as you all know. The process we’re going through now will also be slightly different. As usual, you post three advertisements this week to be eligible to vote, but you can also post a top ten during voting week after that, which makes you eligible to vote as well [you can do both of these things if you wish to]. So this week, advertisements, next week, voting. Remember to send your vote lists to both MasterWarlord and LegendofLink on Smash World Forums, as part of our brand-spanking new two-vote-guru-system.

Note that you have the next two weeks to read sets now, you do not need to rush reading or cram in your vote list as soon as you can. Take it slow if you want to, there’s no shame at all in taking the full voting week to form a vote list.

And with that, been a good Make Your Move, guys. In a month, LegendofLink will be opening Make Your Move 12 and I’ll be passing over the absolutely humongous OP responsibilities to him. Until then, though, I’ll enjoy my time as the guy with the gold avatar in the MYM chat. Prosper well and live.


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