Posted by: Junahu | November 16, 2011

Announcement:~ MYMini Week #6 Start

Dave beating the shit out of Junahu

Howdy, hoes? You’re stuck with me for 2 things now, apparently! Don’t like it? Too bad.

Your mini this week is short, sweet and to-the-point: make me something clown-related. Anything qualifies here, so long as it relates to clowns in some way.

Due to the late start of this MYMini, you have up to next Tuesday, the 22nd, to get your minis in. The new mini will be announced in the Recap, with an additional post on the Stadium.



  1. Nice mini, Jun (Y)

  2. No seriously, this is the best mini you have ever made

  3. I would make love to this mini if it were a person

    But it isn’t (sad)

  4. wow, how drunk was I when I posted that? It’s almost like someone caught my slack in secret

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