Posted by: masterwarlord | November 8, 2011

Announcement:~ The New Fifth Leader and the New Vote Gurus

Firstly, I’d like to say that we’ve been given a much better selection for the fifth leader than we ever could’ve hoped, with pretty much all of the potential candidates getting quite competitive with increased set output in some cases, commentry in others, with even Khold joining the race as a very viable candidate. The candidate we’ve picked has been one for a time, though, and his commentary has vastly improved since he was at his camp, where he still managed to pump out many, many movesets. If anything, this period has only helped to prove LegendofLink‘s consistency, and as such we have rewarded him with the fifth leadership position.

As for the vote gurus, yes, Smady has chosen to step down from the position after all of this controversy and the errors he has admitted to. Yes, I said vote gurus as in plural – you’ll be required to send in your votes both to me and LegendofLink when top 50 time rolls around. If you want to accuse me of something with the vote totals, you’ll be accusing him of collaborating with me, and with the two of us to check each other’s math there should be minimal room for error.



  1. The dark ages of MYM are upon us.

  2. Congratulations, Legend of Link! But it’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!

  3. Well, well, it seems you were able to beat me out after all. Good work dude, I think you’ve done better than I have anyway, especially this contest with your commenting. So yeah, congratulations dude, I think you’ll make an excellent leader.

  4. As I said on my article, I fully support LoL as a leader – I always thought he was the best for the position. However, after this whole thing, I feel it should have been considered more carefully(essentially, I think the entire leadership should have been voted on).

    And I think it was less that Smady chose to step down(his article mentioned that he would not make these mistakes in the future, which implies he expected to keep the position, that or he’s a cryptic oracle) and more that nobody really wanted him anywhere near the votes anymore. If you’re going to say things, be honest, don’t sugarcoat shit.

  5. Congrulations LL, it was never really in doubt. I’ll enjoy watching your progress as leader.

  6. Oh, and the whole chat thing should probably be reworked when one leader(leaders are the only chat mods, mind you) admits to fucking everything up and hiding shit from us, one is literally never in the chat because he hates us, one is AFK half the time he IS in the chat, and the last is almost as scarce as that second one, though for different reasons. LoL will basically be the only active, somewhat trustworthy(we’ve basically proved nobody in MYM can be fully trusted now) mod in the chat, and even he leaves at night and is not usually on in the mornings.

    If anything, this requires actual attention far more than the leaders; leaders do basically nothing anymore, while chat mods at the moment have a lot of power and are in general total dicks, though, in extremely rare cases,they might actually choose to solve a legitimate problem. They will then expect your first-born son as payment. Poor Quincy.

    Anyhow, I suggest voting on chat mods, seeing there’s no other way than just letting the current mods pick more, which is fucking retarded.

  7. PC, you know what would be nice?

    If you quit bitching about the leadership and gave LL the thumbs up he deserved. There’s no need to taint what’s probably a very nice day for the guy with your bullshit.

  8. This is why I hate you all. You ignore all my points and just brush me off. I -SAID- I fully support him, you asshole that hates all things nice and just. I just said that it should have been, you know, done the right way.

  9. Yeah, seriously, FA – in this case, PC is getting the short stick; he’s not bitching, he’s making a very valid point. Why SHOULDN’T chat mods be voted on? I know we like to regard that as a “reward” to go along with becoming a leader, but that seems like a pretty backwards way to think of leadership.

    I’m afraid you’re getting it at a time when it’s a bit insubstantial, man, but congrats all the same. You’ve proven yourself more than deserving of it, by holding your own (and then some) in that Dark Star roundtable if nothing else (that is, if we put aside the amazing movesets, the increasingly consistent commenting, the friendly and helpful chat presence, etc). ;)

  10. I’m not so much angry about PC bringing up the argument, I’m more mad it’s being brought up HERE of all places. I’d suggest keeping it on the Bunker or something.

  11. I would, but you know, people look here. If I just posted another article on the bunker, nobody would read it. And if I commented my own comment I’d look like a total tool, and I don’t even like that band.

  12. He was kinda getting ignored over on the Bunker, in case you didn’t notice. This isn’t a holy place. It’s not a shrine designated to LoL worship. That’s what my Farfetch’d review is for!

  13. Honestly, if it was you that got picked, FA, I might not say anything, because you already kinda hate me and this would make you into a flaming ball of pure rage, I assume. LoL, while he probably doesn’t like me all that much anymore, at least won’t flip into total hatred from this. And I doubt Warlord minds much either. considering the man is a giant blob of pure insult-reflecting Hut tissue.

    But yeah – I meant what I said, and I’m not going to resay it. I will say thanks to Rool for giving any sort of backup though.

  14. I don’t hate you PC, I’m sorry if I came across as harsh earlier, I just think this is a bit of a bad place to discuss this.

    But yeah that was a bit unnecessary of me, I feel.

  15. The reason people are ignoring PC’s posts is because they’re unnecessarily insulting and derogatory without providing much to justify that beyond his personal beliefs. He’s entitled to his own opinions, but that doesn’t mean he should propagandise them everywhere he can.

  16. >Khold
    >Viable Leader


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