Posted by: Smash Daddy | October 10, 2011

Announcement:~ Make Your Move 11 Is Open!

Announcements Return?

If you’re reading this, it means Make Your Move 11 has been posted and the fun times have truly begun. Make Your Move’s eleventh outing comes after almost four years of contests, intermittently at first, but eventually branching out into a community that mostly dates back to around three years ago with Make Your Move 3. As time has gone on, everyone has become a lot closer, the competition has become a lot fiercer and many movesets have been created in the name of great science. What began as a seed planted by one crazy man has grown into a strong and, as of today, bustling society.

Make Your Move means different things to different people. For me, this contest holds a special meaning, being the OP and all. The first time I put my hand to being OP in Make Your Move 7, things went more than a little pear-shared. But it’s not really that which makes this more meaningful to me – it’s that I’ve come to this position right in the middle of an absolutely fascinating period in our history as a community and contest. Truly, I can’t wait to see how we improve our showings from last contest. I think this could be the Make Your Move to remember, and I’m absolutely proud to be here.

To Make Your Move 11!


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