Posted by: Smash Daddy | October 10, 2011

Announcement:~ The Fifth Leader


Leadership can get a little stagnant when the same methods and people are used over-and-over to decide who is coming in. This is no truer than in recent times, when a lot of old leaders simply recycle into the team, meaning that we get a repeat of past contests almost exactly, where opinions clash in the same way and it all becomes very boring and predictable: nothing actually changes. That is why leadership is opening up its fifth slot – previously known as its mystery slot – to you, the newcomers, in a little bit of friendly competition.

The idea is simple: we keep the slot open, to fill with a newcomer halfway through Make Your Move 11 (so around mid-November). A newcomer being someone who hasn’t been in leadership before. We’re going to be deciding this as a group, but what we’re looking for primarily is activity. If you can post a lot of movesets, comments and keep their quality consistently up, you have a big chance of scoring big and getting into leadership. For one thing, whoever has the most points on my User Rankings by the time of voting will have my support.

The reason the time frame is a little vague is because we just don’t know what will happen. If you guys are all around the same consistency by then, we will have to discuss more critically about our options. On the other hand, it could be very obvious who has achieved the most in the contest and therefore be a no-brainer.

Once we’ve selected the fifth leader, they will take their place in the leadership immediately, even participating in the top fifty manipulation process. That’s right, even you could be picking Linebeck off the top fifty come voting period! And don’t forget that lovely white icon you get in the chatroom, and the ability to talk in a far lower tone of voice. Oh, the fun we’ll have!

I’m excited, are you excited?




  2. Yeah, this is gonna be an interesting competition. I’d like to believe I have a shot at this… we’ll see though. A lot it depends on how well Dave does or how much catching up Kibble manages. Or if LoL just pulls a total showstopper performance.

  3. Did you miss the “hasn’t been in leadership before” part, FA? They want fresh meat, not dawgfood. ;) Also:


  4. Khold has MY vote

  5. It’s unanimous. Kholdstare for best leader of all time.

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