Posted by: Junahu | October 7, 2011

Announcement:~Dawn of the Bunker

Howdy hoes!

As you may have noticed, MYM has been in a little bit of a mess recently, what with the craziness of a new blog cropping up out of nowhere.

Well, people from both sides of the problem have come together and come to a very happy solution;

The Stadium, the place you are right now, will become a news hub. It will feature announcements from the Leadership, along with frequently updated MYM11 Movesets and MYM11 MYminis pages. The plan it to make for a much more streamlined experience for all those MYMers who just want to check up on the newest movesets. It will also feature some other helpful bits and bobs.

On the other side of the pond, The Bunker, which is [HERE], will serve as a complete archive and community capital. The Bunker is where you want to be in order to read articles, reviews, or check up on old movesets/minis.

Which brings me to this; I would like everyone who has posted an article on the Stadium recently, to move/copy it over to the Bunker. If you aren’t already an author on the Bunker, you’ll need to drop me your E-mail address so I can add you in. Once everyone has migrated their articles, we can begin cleaning the Stadium and prepping it for its new purpose. Thank you very much


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